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Codependent vs dependent vs independent

The 38-year-old TV personality says she is trying to be more independent now and lead a life on her own terms, reported People magazine. "I feel like Scott and I were very co-dependent and I just would always bounce every idea off of him. Also, I'm just like living a different life now where doing more for myself is like an option and now that.

The simplest explanation is that codependency is seeking love based on feelings of insecurity or inadequacy. A codependent person looks to their partner to repair their self-esteem, alleviate their pain, and complete their inner emptiness. What ends up happening is that the partner cannot be the person they are. 1. Tom wanted to go to the lake although it was frozen. 2. Sarah felt like staying inside because it was a hot day. 3. Billy studied for his next test so that he could pass. Dependent Clause Examples Independent Clause Examples We have an umbrella because it is raining. I look.

Unlike what we read in self-help books and listen to in podcasts and videos, I believe that being dependent can actually be a good thing. If we understand what dependent is and if our dependence is aligned with our values and purpose. It has even more value if it is generated after our independence and interdependence. Then we can revere it.

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etc. Codependence would be mre of a syndrome than an illness and as such isn't included in the DSM (although that argument could apply to a number of things that *are* in the DSM). *If*. Codependency can often be traced back to childhood, to the relationships we had with our parents (or primary caretakers). It usually happens when we had parents who were either overly protective or under protective. Overprotective parents hold their children back from building the confidence needed to move out into the world.


In general, the person who sacrifices their own well-being is called the "codependent" in the relationship while the other person is the "enabler." Neither person is necessarily being malicious or purposefully harmful in these relationships. Instead, it's more likely that both parties aren't even aware that the relationship isn't typical.

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